Powder from Wanshun Powder Coating

As one of the largest powder suppliers in Asia, Wanshun Powder Coating (WPC) delivers high quality powder with exceptional coverage and transfer efficiency. WPC offers a wide range of stock and custom made powder coating colors and technologies. For more than 20 years, WPC’s powder has been widely used globally from Asia to America in both residential and commercial applications, such as furniture, white-ware, automobile, and steelwork.

Thermosetting powder coating is a process composed of thermosetting resin, hardener, color, filler and auxiliary through physical machining. Compared to conventional liquid coatings, powder coating offers many advantages such as more environment friendly and much higher production efficiency.

Powder coating never uses organic dissolvent or water; instead, its operation is in 100 percent solid state. It avoids atmospheric pollution caused by photochemical reactions and toxicity, thus ameliorating the environment and guaranteeing the operators health. The operational process of powder coating is simple and the utilization ratio of the material is above 99 percent, and it is easy to automate the process and improve productivity.

Features & Benefits of Rengui® Powder Coating

Rengui® is a registered trademark of Wanshun Powder Coating. Features of Rengui Powder include:

  • Produce uniform, beautiful, tough, and durable finishes;
  • Full RAL color selection with many surface effects;
  • High product utilization;
  • Backed by technical support of Rengui specialists;
  • Zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) – no pollution;
  • No hazardous waste produced in your production lines;
  • Affordability - Asia's manufacture advantage.

We offer a wide selection of powder coating, such as epoxy powder coating, polyester powder coating, and hybrid powder coating.


Yes, we do ship powder to United States of America.

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